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A guide to Stress Free Moving

Moving to a new place is a fun and exciting experience. It can also be a little stressful. I didn’t find a moving guide at my local grocery. So, having recently moved I can offer a few moving tips. A smooth transition to your new home without complications is always best. It can be a lot of work so planning is always a good idea.

First, packing is always time consuming. If you have lived in your previous residence for any amount of time, you probably have accumulated a large amount of stuff. The earlier you start packing the better. You can purchase moving boxes and packaging material for breakables at any storage facility. Pack the items that you don’t use, and save the ones you do for last. This is the most time consuming part of moving. You can also purchase plastic storage containers, and reuse them for storage or recyclables at your new place. If you’re on a budget newspaper and boxes being discarded at local merchants is always a money saving choice.

Make sure that you transfer your utilities to your new place. Not every place will have electricity already turned on, and this is an absolute must. It is very hard in the winter months to move in the dark. So to save yourself valuable moving time during day light savings you need items such as water, heat, and lighting. There are services such as “White Fence” that will handle this and more for you. Remember, the USPS also should be notified of your new address. They will forward most of your mail for up to 6 months, or until you can notify all the appropriate people/agencies of your updated address.

How you are going to transport your home from the old to the new also requires a little planning. Some people can afford to hire movers. This is a really easy way to go, but it is a little pricey. Truck rentals are rather cheap, and another excellent option. They eliminate the back and forth between the residences, and save you time and energy. You have a variety of choices, so shop around many bargains are available. Some include mileage, and some don’t. Read the fine print so you aren’t surprised with any big bills when you return it to the facility. Most places require a reservation and credit card, so plan ahead a reserve your rental. For those who do not meet the requirements or have the cash, call all your friends with trucks and enlist their help. At the end of the move a house warming B.B.Q is a great way to say “Thanks!”, and break in the new house.

Lastly, pick up the keys to your place and start to move in. You’ll want to set up and unpack the essential items first. It’s nice to have a couple days at least to find and unpack the things you need for every day. So if possible try to use some time management and schedule the move when you have a couple days off work and/or school. Getting ready for work and school can be hectic when you don’t know where your hair dryer is. Labeling the boxes you packed helps in this department. Set up your bed, refrigerator, washer and dryer. All these items are essential, and can help eliminate stress while settling in. After getting the necessities unpacked you can do the rest at your convenience. So enjoy your new home, and don’t make moving a bigger task than it has to be.