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Knowing your rights as a mover

Right to demand a copy of your rights

You have the right to demand a booklet prepared by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA), which aims at safeguarding the interests of the customer. Generally any good movers will furnish this booklet along with estimations, but in case they are not provided, you have the right to ask for one.

Right to demand estimates for your move

As a customer you have the right to demand an estimate for your move. Most of the movers prepare an estimate and provide them for your perusal, but in case, you are not presented with one, you can ask them for an estimate in written. Movers can present a binding estimate or a non-bindings estimate. A non-binding estimate is one which is based on expected service charges and actual charges may differ a bit.

Right to verify your shipment weight

Although most of the moving companies present you with a detailed shipment weight, but in case, if you are not satisfied, you can demand a re-weigh of our shipments in your presence. You also have a right to demand a written confirmation about your shipment weight specifying the weight of each of your articles. Also between the estimate preparation and actual movement, the mover may weigh your goods more than one time. You have the right to be present during all these weighing process. You also have the right to demand for a certificate of authenticity of the weighing scale used by your mover.

Right to demand damage liability from your mover

You mover is legally liable for any damage that may occur to your shipment while being moved or in transit. You have a right to demand this from your mover. But it is important to bear in mind that there are different levels of liabilities that a mover may provide. Based on the level, the charges differ. Full Value Protection and Protection up to 60% per pound are the tow common options that a mover may provide. It is important for you to read the fine prints in each case to determine the nature of liability.

Right to demand a dispute settlement process

Most of the movers with good reputation and good clientele provide a facility to hear to customer’s complaints and provide appropriate resolution. But in case such is not in place, you have a right to demand one. After all you may have complaints or claims for your move and require appropriate settlement.