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A few tips to plan your moving budget

You have been living in a rented apartment all these years because you could not think of buying an apartment of your own as you were not in a position to afford one owing to family commitments. It is in the recent past that you save some money and toy with the idea of having a small dwelling of your own. Small or big, having your own roof over your head gives a sense of security and pride of having achieved a milestone in life. However, you are also worried as to how all the personal belongings that you have collected over the last few years are going to be shifted safely to the new apartment.

Now, you need to make a proper budget for your relocation. Any haphazard style of working might prove very costly. Set aside some fixed about for total cost of shifting like, cost of packing materials, packing, loading, transportation of your belongings as well as your car, travel expenses for you and your family members, if you are going by any other mode other than by your own car, etc. Make a rough estimate of expenditure under each head and decide not to spend more than the budgeted amount as far as possible. Collect information about all moving companies and evaluate their Moving Quotes. Take care to choose a Moving Company whose quotes meet your budgeted amount but take care to verify that the company has good reputation in the market.

When the company men come home for packing your belongings, monitor their work personally and ensure that exercise care and do not waste materials unnecessarily, because everything is going to cost your money. Every box should be neatly filled and try to minimize the number of boxes so that your cost is correspondingly reduced. Give away unwanted items so that your packing cost is reduced to that extent. Compare the cost of taking your family members by your own car to that of traveling by any other conveyance. Opt for the one that is economical so that you may save some cost there too.

You must also entrust the task of packing, loading, unloading as well as unpacking to the Moving Company and negotiate a fixed price with them. You will be a relieved person then to attend to the other tasks which require your attention. Settle all pending bills and remember to give your forwarding address to your neighbor so that they may forward any mails received in your name to your new address. Handover the house keys to your owner before vacating. The last duty would be to bid goodbye to all your neighbors and thank them for their cooperation all these years. You are now free to lead a happy life with your loved ones in your new house.