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Are you moving? Items to avoid while packing

When it comes to moving, we all know about items that need to be packed and are of utmost priority. However, are we aware of the items which should be best avoided? Generally, we tend to accumulate so much of the stuff that we forget many of those things that are already available at the new place at much lesser the cost than the amount of expenses that we will incur while unnecessary stuffing them with our packing. Its best to just go through some of the moving tips mentioned below to avoid such hassles.

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the furniture. When you are taking along things like chairs and tables have we thought that these things can be available from the same type of stores that we bought them from. Try to avoid as much as furniture as possible. As these are the stuffs that cost the most because of the amount of weight that adds on.

Then the next things to think about are the utensils in the kitchen. If you are prudent enough, then one must try to find similar deals available in some of the bigger stores in our destination location. Most of them are easily available and better to avoid again because of the same reason of the additional weight that would unnecessarily lighten your pockets and would be a liability. Moreover, they can be kept till the end so that if space permits and if there is some scope of additional weight, then you can better look at these utensils towards the end.

The next things to be considered are your shoes or rather, your footwear. Many a times, we tend to keep storing age-old footwear which we hardly wear once in a blue moon. Still, we feel the urge to stuff them along with our apparels because of the loving tendency that we have developed with that footwear. But, moving boxes of fixed sizes are a best suggestion that it is logical and much more rational to avoid those unwanted footwear. Rather, you can always buy a better pair once you reach your destination city where you might even spend on a much better deal.

The final thing that always becomes a headache is your wardrobe. Please kick out those vintage collections which you wore when your teenage son was born. You will probably not wear them at the least for the next decade or so. Similarly, we tend to accumulate so many styles and classic stuff that we feel proud of, but frankly speaking, we would have hardly cared about their existence over the last year or so. It is again sensible to do away with those extra stuff as that would unnecessarily increase your headache while unpacking whatever you have brought to the new location. In the end, one must feel happy and satisfied for having brought along only that much which would give a new look and feel to your new home.