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Finding Appropriate Quotes For a Smooth Moving Day Experience

If you are going to be moving sometime in the coming months, you’ll want to start getting moving quotes as soon as you can intelligently talk about doing so (as far as new location’s address, desired moving dates, new job requirements, etc.). That way you will know what figures you’ll need to plan on for budget purposes and if a move is even possible (especially long distance or even internationally, which will require much more in depth research and cost). Finding quote early on will also allow you to compare moving companies and moving quote features against one another to be sure you’re getting the services you need at a price that’s in line with the market averages.

The easiest place to find moving quotes is probably online. There, you can find hundreds of movers plus multiple pages where you can enter your information and quickly get back estimates to complete your move. You’ll also find guides to help you determine exactly what needs to be included in your quote: things like truck size or space limitations on moving van lines that often carry multiple movers at once (which depends on the size of your home and how many belongings you have in it), plus extras like moving supplies or hired help for packing and unpacking.

Once you’ve begun your search for moving quotes online, you will want to first look for licensed movers. In most states, they’re required by law (the Feds and the state) to be licensed and carry insurance, but often companies will let one or both lapse, allowing for trouble down the road for you if something unfortunate would happen. There are also online sites that track the license and insurance information, so be sure to verify credentials before you go ahead with your quote or plans. If possible, check the transportation records, references, and other affiliations to be sure your movers and their moving quotes are reputable and reliable.

If you are moving long distance and will need automobiles transported, check to see if the service is available and whether it can be included in your quote. Many movers don’t include auto transport (although they may have recommended transporters they work in conjunction with) and you’ll need to find a separate quote from someone who does. Moving your vehicle can be a simple process, but you’ll need to be aware of extras like additional auto insurance for the move, as well as coordination of moving dates and any necessary auto inspections required at your new location.

If you have a large home or are just not comfortable with agreeing to a quote online, ask your moving company to come out for quote in person. That way, you’ll be able to discuss any special needs or concerns, plus get the representatives true sense of the details like packing you should do, what the movers can better pack for you, estimated pickup and delivery dates to your new home, as well as provide proof of current insurance and licenses. They can also provide copies of the quote and moving contract so you can read the fine print and be confident your quote is all encompassing with no surprises to come on moving day.