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Moving Begins with Packing

Depending on how one approaches it, moving can be a pleasure or a pain.  The key to any successful move is definitely organization.  It begins with finding a new place and then priority transfers over to the actual physical relocation.  This can be viewed as the hard part, however with a well defined and laid out plan it can be a complete cinch.  One of the biggest keys to making a move organized and easy begins with the packing process.

Before beginning this process it is necessary to have the right moving supplies. This can be a variety things from moving boxes (of assorted sizes), strong tape, packing popcorn, bubble wrap, a label machine or marker, and perhaps some protective sheets or blankets to cover items as they are placed in the moving van. These different supplies can be found at many retail outlets or a local moving company store. It would be advised to keep all of these supplies in a central location in the home so that time is not wasted trying to search for misplaced items, which can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Next, one should lay out a plan of attack and prioritize which possessions should be packed first. The whole packing process can stretch over a long period of time, so it is important to decipher which belongings should be packed early and which need to be utilized until the final moments. For example, things that are not used often and cannot be foreseen being used in the near future should be top priority in packing first. Get these items done and out of the way. Items such as toiletries, clothes worn regularly, and a few kitchen dishes and utensils should wait until the very end.

In addition, when beginning to pack, plan on keeping like roomed items together. For example, if one has an office, all of these items should remain close together and be placed in the moving truck in the same general vicinity. In turn, when unloading everything into the new house, the boxes and whatnot can be taken quickly and efficiently to their new spot. It should also be noted that if one has to take apart furniture such as bedroom sets, it is vital to keep nuts, bolts, and other intricate pieces in baggies so that nothing is lost.

Finally, when placing things in boxes make sure to identify which possessions are valuable and/or breakable. Pack these items very tightly with the before mentioned popcorn and seal them with tape. There is nothing worse than getting to the new destination and finding a box full of broken dishes due to lack of padding and hurried packing. Another very important thing to remember while packing is to label each box after it is filled so it can be identified quickly and easily. This aspect will definitely be greatly appreciated when moving things into the new dwelling because the boxes can be taken directly to the corresponding room. Enjoy the move and new adventure!