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Logistics of transporting goods from one place to another involves the function of men, materials and money. Each type of goods requires different methods of handling taking into account its value and material composition. The safety may take a backseat due to urgency as well as human error. The article tries to give some valuable moving tips for a safe and injury free move and moving safety. The care to be taken and concerns to be attended in a move are taken into account.

Moving safety is vital and proper packing helps to counter the problems of handling and preempt injuries in our body. The packing weight in each carton shall be around 23 kilograms and shall be lifted squatting down to avoid injuries in the back. The day on moving shall start early to avoid elongated hours up to night affecting visibility. The number of persons to be hired shall be decided well ahead to make the alighting and loading time to the minimum. Material handling equipments may be arranged priority for easy lifting of heavy house hold items.

The path leading to the house need to be free and any protruding obstacles need to be marked visibly. Constant oral directions on slippery places on the pathway are a must to ensure smooth handling and unloading of goods and prevent injuries. The transfer of goods from one person to another requires proper communication between the two so that the receiver should not misjudge the weight of the pack and slip the pack down causing grievous injuries in the foot. The packing should mark about the nature of goods in it, because fragile items may require special handling. Such goods can be handled by three persons, with the third person for ushering the way and communicating the two on the obstacles as well as lowering and lifting movements. Such directions are required when you take it inside the rooms and narrow steps in the house.

The specialty items like musical instruments may require the technicians for dismantling as well as fixing it again and their services shall be hired in advance. A parking space for the vechicle shall be reserved in advance. Comfortable clothing with foot ware shall be adorned on the day to avoid any injuries due to nails spilled down during handling of goods. A medical kit shall be ready to provide first aid in case of injuries. Plenty of snacks and water may be kept ready and required recess time shall be providing to the loaders to quench their hunger, thirst and such simple hospitality may save you dollars by avoiding accidents out of human fatigue.

Children need special care and getting injured in the melee is possible. They can be left for few hours at the relatives place or with the baby sitters. The pets get perturbed by new people and the noise. They shall be left in an airy, closed room with sufficient food. They may be taken for a round to attend their nature calls before the loading/unloading operation starts as they are put under stress.